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Policy & Planning Fundraising Communications Grantown Grammar School


Vice Chair: Sally Pilkington

Treasurer: Karen Smith

Lucky Number Co-ord: Karen Smith


As the name might suggest, the Fundraising Group is responsible for organising fundraising events. As with all schools there is a great need to help raise funds to help with transport costs and to purchase equipment.

We usually hold 3 to 4 meetings per year to discuss and organise events and everyone is welcome to come along.

Our Lucky Number Club is open to anyone and runs throughout the year. Please contact us to purchase a number which will go into the monthly draw.



    Fundraising Group Form.pdf
    Lucky Number Application Form.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw Dec 12 to Mar 13.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw Jun to Aug 12.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw Feb to May 12.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw Oct to Nov 11.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw Sep 11.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw Jul to Aug 11.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw Jun 11.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw May 11.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw Feb to Apr 11.pdf
    Lucky Number Draw Jan 11.pdf
    Fundraising Minutes 19 Mar 13.pdf
    Fundraising Minutes 10 Feb 10.pdf
    Fundraising Minutes 09 Nov 09.pdf
    Fundraising Minutes 22 Sep 09.pdf
    Fundraising Minutes 26 May 09.pdf
    Fundraising Minutes 16 Mar 09.pdf
    Fundraising Minutes 12 Jan 09.pdf

Policy & Planning Fundraising Communications Grantown Grammar School